Renowned Manufacturers of Quality British Built Rigid Inflatable Boats

The Ribquest 650 and 700 Sport boat.

Press Release

Ribquest launch for the New Year a new range of ribs, consoles and hulls for the new season in 2014. The New Ribquest 650 & 700 metre
boats and the new Sport range.

The new 650 & 700 are a completely new hull and have designed to fit in between the current 6.3m (2.4m beam) and 7.3m (2.9m beam)

The new 650 and 700 will also have a 2.65m beam however they shall retain the same 24 degree dead-rise & deep vee and retain the high sheer Bows. Those have become significant features in the Ribquest design in order to build boats to withstand the many rigours of our waters.

The new models are complemented with new top deck mouldings for the Bow locker and transom and also have the option of two new dual consoles for the sport models.

Ribquest have been determined to retain its overall standards in terms of building exceptionally high quality durable hulls that have the noticeable smooth and stable ride along with the exceptional offshore capabilities the boats are renown for.

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