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RIB Range

Suitable for any adventure

4.8m Ribquest

Ribquest 4.8 – A capable all rounder with superb stability and exceptional sea keeping abilities.

5.3m Ribquest

Ribquest 5.3 – Smooth riding, stable, with exceptional sea keeping abilities.

5.8m Ribquest

Ribquest 5.8 – Fantastic handling and grip thanks to its full length multiple chines.

6.3m Ribquest

Ribquest 6.3 – A fantastically robust craft with true offshore capabilities.

6.8m Ribquest

Ribquest 6.8 – Commercially tried and tested through the roughest of seas, a truly superb work horse.

7.3m Ribquest

Ribquest 7.3 – Capable of taking a wide range of power options which include a single outboard a twin outboard or a stern drive.

7.8m Ribquest

Ribquest 7.8 – A hugely capable rough weather boat. In gale force seas its good to know the 7.8 will transport you safely to your destination.

9m Ribquest

Ribquest 9 – With a very high sheer bow and a wide 3m overall beam this is a truly superbly capable craft.

10m Ribquest

Ribquest 10 – Some RIBs are born to deliver and this beast delivers on every count. A truly superb all weather offshore Rib

Inboard Diesel

Ribquest Inboard Diesel – Some RIBs are born to deliver and this delivers on every count. A truly superb all weather offshore Rib.

Expedition Rib

Ribquest Expedition – Originally built for the 2013 Round Ireland Challenge this is a small rib with a lot of attitude!

6m Super Sport

The new 6m Super Sport superior build quality from a master boat builder

Ribquest 650 Super Sport

6.5m Super Sport

Ribquest Super Sport 6.6 – The new is a completely new hull, console and design.

RIbquest 7 Metre Super Sport

7m Super Sport

Ribquest Super Sport 7 – The new 700 Super Sport is a completely new hull

New Ribquest Super Sport

7.5m Super Sport

The new 750 Super Sport with all new hulls

Cabin RIB by Ribquest

Cabin Rib

The New Ribquest Cabin Rib offers added weather protection and comfort.