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5.8m Ribquest

Fantastic handling and grip


  • Overall Length5.8m
  • Overall Beam2.4m
  • Internal Beam1.25m
  • Tube Diameter500mm
  • Chambers in Tubes5
  • Minimum Horsepower70
  • Maximun Horsepower150
  • Maximun Number of person12
  • CE CategoryC

5.8m Ribquest

The 5.8m has a deep vee and high sheer bow it is a very dry smooth riding and very stable with fantastic handling and grip thanks to its full length multiple chines. The 5.8 is an exceptional offshore craft she trims very well keeping the bow high in a following sea and trims down into a large sea she ensuring the very soft ride and superb sea keeping capabilities. The 5.8 is suited for the professional, commercial and leisure user.

The extended deck area large enough to accept seating for up to 6 or 7 depending on the chosen layout, It also has good load carrying capability of 12 persons or 900kgs.

This craft can be fitted out with bespoke commercial layouts or can be fitted out with a leisure layout with seating for four or seven people. It is also suitable for many commercial applications such as dive, rescue and patrol. The fuel tanks available are H/Duty 2mm 316 stainless steel under deck from 80 litres up to140 litres.

For optimum performance she has maximum power limit of 150hp, but the 90, 115 or 140 engines all give adequate power and performance. We offer advice regarding engine size and propeller pitch to suit each application.