The Ribquest 10m
Commercial – Professional – Leisure.

The Ribquest 10m is a hugely capable rough weather boat. In gale force sea conditions the 10m will transport you safely. With a very high sheer bow and a wide 3m metre overall beam this is a truly superbly capable craft. The 10m can be customised to your individual specification whether for Leisure or professional usage. This craft is can be fitted with a variety of console’s including a cabin console with sea toilet and bunks. Capable of taking any power option, single or twin outboard or stern drive or water Jet.

The 10m has a wide deck area which makes it an ideal platform for commercial use or as a spacious leisure craft. With a large under deck area for large fuel loads up to 600 litres in single or twin tanks. With a maximum engine capacity of 600hp the 10m is a superb load carrier with a max load of 12 persons or --- kgs, she makes a superb all weather offshore Rib.

When rigged with maximum 600 hp the 10m will achieve 60 knots, but will run a respectable 42 knots with twin 150hp engines.